Hi! My name is Anand and I'm the founder. Over the last 12 months, I've spent my time seeking voluntary projects to build a foundation/mini portfolio for the company and get relative experience in the video production industry as preparation for the real thing.

Throughout this process, I've been a one man band, doing the camerawork, audio, editing, lighting, etc which is nice because I like being independent, but in order to grow this video production business, finding the right Co-Founder is very important.

What I can offer:

Industry standard production and post production equipment for professional video production. CANON EOS C200 (CINEMA CAMERA).

2+ Years experience in video production (pre production, production & 3 years post production).

Fully independent on production.

What you can offer:

Marketing, business strategy and development, understanding of the industry.

Time and commitment.



Marketing skills

Admin work (sending emails, paperwork, etc)

Business and strategy development

London based

Relative experience

Attending the production shoots to help assist

I am looking for a Co-Founder who has experience in marketing and business. You will also be required to assist on production. This is a unique opportunity to try something new because even if you've never done video production before, the assistance required will be very straight forward. This is of course won't be forever, it's only until the business is in a financial position to expand, employing the right suited people.

The equity (% of the company you own) all depends on what you can bring to the table and how much time you can give back. Because it's a startup and I'm only a student, the money we make will be split up into 3 sections from our projects.


For example, let's just say you own 25% and I own 75% (this is just an example, equity varies solely on what you can offer)

We're starting off fairly small since we're a startup so we charge low rates and make a corporate video for £1000.

50% goes back to the business (£500)

25% you receive (£125)

75% I receive (£375)

This is obviously just an example but I highly recommend you only take up this role part-time since this is a startup.


The bottom line is this. The success of ANARi boils down to creativity, hard work and dedication.

If you feel this isn't the adventure you're prepared to embark on, this job isn't for but there are plenty of others out there.

If it is then contact me (info@anaritv.com).

I look forward to hearing from you! Have a nice day :D