ANARi is far from ordinary when it comes to video production. Our specialised service involves partnering with businesses to create videos for their clients. These businesses receive commission for each video sold.

This niche market presents us with a variety of industries to cover, allowing the business to grow on a much larger scale compared to regular production companies.


After more than 12 months of hard work and preparation, the time has finally come to bring on a marketing/business Co-Founder.

About me



My name is Anand. I'm a student, filmmaker and founder of ANARi.

Over the last 12 months, I’ve voluntarily spent my time directing, filming and editing various projects in order to build a foundation for the company’s temporary portfolio. This got me the relative client based experience in the video production industry to prepare me for the real thing. Showcasing my work in the last 12 months also shows anyone interested in the Co-Founder role my potential and ability.

I’m looking for a creative and committed Marketer and Business Strategist who’s able to adapt to the video production world and help steer the company in the right direction. This unique role will require you to help assist on production until the company is in a financial position to employ and expand into a bigger team. The assistance required will be fairly straightforward but see it as an opportunity to try something new.

Who knows... you may discover a hidden talent.

Please take a look round the site to get a better understanding of the business before applying.


The Role

My Duties


Important Info


This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the marketing/business wizards who are as ready as I am to embark on this ambitious and creative adventure.


One of the most important things about being the marketing/business Co-Founder is the decision making. You'll be working with our partnered businesses to ensure our services are marketed and promoted effectively, along with other things which will heavily determine the success of the company.

You'll be expected to go above and beyond in the first year by occasionally providing basic assistance on production as a temporary solution until we're able to expand the team.


This role is ideal for people who have experience in marketing or business development. Video production experience is not required.

Anyone who fits the criteria is welcome to apply, but being a student/young person (22), I'll be upfront by pointing out I'm often used to working best with people in my age range, so this a great opportunity for uni students like myself, graduates, young entrepreneurs and anyone else in a similar boat.

Like most startups, there will be little to no pay in the first year so you'll only be required to work part-time only and I strongly advise you having some way to financially support yourself until the business starts making enough profit to pay us both.


The reason why it's mostly unpaid for both of us is because our business won't be established enough to secure partnerships with businesses whose customers have big budgets which we can profit on. So most of our first year will involve working with businesses whose clients' budgets are smaller. The first year will not only build a healthy foundation to secure work with bigger businesses, but it gives us enough time to get to know each-other, understand our strengths and weaknesses and plan for 2022 and beyond.


Starting a video production company is very expensive, so a huge benefit you'll get by joining as the co-founder is that you're joining a startup that already has all the equipment required for creating high quality videos. This means no delays in saving up to buy equipment. We'll be taken seriously by businesses whose customers have bigger budgets. A head start.

Our specialised service allows us to work closely with businesses and their clients.

We can cover a variety of industries.

My production expertise will ensure videos are made to a professional standard.


Experience/knowledge in Marketing and Business Development

Business expertise

Good contacts/networks e.g CEOs, employees, public figures, talents, etc (would help but not a requirement)

London based

Strong communication skills

Basic understanding of video production, specifically client based work in the industry

Fluent in English and exceptional grammar (for writing emails etc)

Flexible working hours

Visible leadership skills and desire to advance the business

Willing to assist on production as a temporary solution until the business is able to employ


Being the marketing/business development Co-Founder for a video production company is a huge responsibility, especially for a startup since your trusted expertise and knowledge will significantly determine the success of the company’s growth and awareness.

Below is a mixture of short-term, mid-term and long-term responsibilities so please don't be put off by how many are listed. Some of these include equal responsibility.

Find feasible, creative ways to help grow the company from a startup to a full service based business financially capable of employing more people in order to expand operations and services.

Lead and manage Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Online Marketing and Event Marketing. Achieve targeted results and ensure timely and effective execution of marketing tactics and programs.

Conduct and analyse market research to determine competitiveness.

Measure the effectiveness of the marketing department and implement improvements as required.

Communicate with partnered businesses to ensure our service is being marketed and promoted effectively.

Create, coordinate, manage and execute all marketing strategies and implement tactical plans.


Develop unique value propositions.

Create realistic monthly/yearly plans for the business.

Work closely with our production teams to ensure the content produced suits the industry.

Train, coach, mentor and raise the team’s ability to deliver and exceed expectations.

Seek businesses who fit our partnership criteria.

Prepare presentation material that's useful for employees and our partners.


Industry standard production and post production equipment for professional video production.

2+ Years experience in video production (pre production, production & 3 years post production).

Full independence on production.

Equipment training.


Time and commitment.


Directing and filming.

Editing (post-production).

Creating and implementing organisation, vision and direction.

Partnership agreements​.


Leadership/responsibility in all departments.

Making final decisions.


Like most startups, I can only offer you sweat equity. The equity (company ownership) you receive will all depend on what it is you will offer short-term and long-term and how much time you're willing to commit unpaid. From a strategic and realistic point of view, the maximum I can give away is 30%. I'll be happy to discuss how and why this is reasonable equity in private.

Because it will just be us two, the money we make in the short-term period will be split up into 3.

For example, let's just say you own 25% and I own 75% (this is just an example, equity varies solely on what you can offer)

Essentially what I want is at least half of our revenue to go back into the business. Although I'll own a much larger percentage than you, I'll be happy to split the remainder equally throughout our short-term period.

However, the money we make in our first year is irrelevant since the yearly focus is building a partnership portfolio to secure partnerships with bigger businesses and planning ahead.

So as previously mentioned, this is a startup so please do not apply if you're unable to work unpaid until this goal has been achieved. Please make sure you have some way to financially support yourself.


Applicants who show potential will be sent the business plan which includes all the essentials and tells you everything you need to know about the business.

If you feel this role suits you or you want to find out more, email me.

You live outside London.


You have a health condition which prevents you from attending production shoots.


You're under 18.


You're unable to work unpaid for sweat equity in the early stages.


You have no experience or knowledge in marketing and business development.


You can't commit to this for whatever reason.



As I'm sure you're already aware, this is a startup company, and being a startup comes with its cons.

So it's important you read through all the information on this page before applying.

Main points:


The role is EQUITY only at this point.


You MUST live in London.


You MUST have experience/knowledge in marketing and business.