In 2018, I began taking video production more seriously. I was a 19 year old with the respectable skills to make professional videos, but the higher paying clients I wanted wouldn't hire me since my equipment was inadequate for their needs. This held me back and prevented me from starting a production company since I didn't have the money to buy the industry standard equipment I now have. This was however a hidden blessing as it gave me more time to hone my talents in video production and come up with the idea for ANARi.

Starting a video production company is very expensive, so a huge benefit you'll get by joining as the co-founder is that you're joining a startup that already has all the equipment required for creating high quality videos. This means no delays in saving up to buy equipment. We'll be taken seriously by businesses whose customers have bigger budgets. A head start.

Our specialised service allows us to work closely with businesses and their clients.

We can cover a variety of industries.

My production expertise will ensure videos are made to a professional standard.